Monday, March 9, 2009

Sunday at Vivo City

Have we walked to every corner of Vivo city? hahaha... Realised that we have been walking around Vivo City for 7 hours today! It was great and definitely enjoy it! Especially the chicken chop noodles :p

Look forward to the next outing :)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sweet Sweet Chocolates

After work tonight, I planned to give him a little surprise. Ended up, my plan was exposed (very smart lor you! :p) and I got back a lovely surprise. hee....

The chocolate is very nice. Thank you CeJay!

Monday, February 23, 2009

My new weekly activity

Seems like diarrhea has become my new weekly activity. Dunno why, is it because I have lesser intake of food lately? If the bread is not counted as a meal in the morning. I think average I only eat one meal per day.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

No Pay Leave

Not sleeping yet tonight, as I am on no pay leave tomorrow. hee... Actually I should be feeling sad right, no pay mah... :p But take it as a break in between the busy work week lor. Hope the economy will get better and everybody back with jobs and happy soon.

At first thought of watching movie alone after work tonight but received Andy's message inviting me for dinner. We went to a nice french restaurant for dinner with Andy and Juan. Nice to know you Juan! You are very nice guy :) Actually am still chatting with you on msn while writing this blog. haahahaha....

First thing tomorrow is to practise piano. I got lots to catch up neh. What I worry most is the dental appointment tomorrow. He needs to check on my crowning tooth. Hope it doesn't gives too much problem... *care bear bless me*

Monday, February 9, 2009

15th day of Lunar New Year

This year I have been working most of the days during chinese new year. Still managed to make full use of my time to do some house visiting and meet up with friends.

Still had fun! :)

Life have been happy for me so far.

Did one courageous thing. hahaha... no regrets! :p

This year I joined Singapore Men Chorus. Something new for me. Met alot of nice friends, get exposed to some nice musicals. Really look forward to every Friday's practise and the show in October. Singing makes me happy, really happy. heee...

Might stop Taekwondo for the time being. Since I reached my goal getting a black belt, I guess it is an achievement for me already :)

New Year Resolution.... work hard and earn more pocket money. Spend wisely and treat myself better :)

Yesterday has expired. Look forward to Tomorrow and move on happily. Most important is to Treasure what I have NOW :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

2nd day of Lunar New Year

Today is my off today. Still a bit hangover when I woke up. First stop went sister's house, then to uncle's place. Followed by Thomas's and Jacky's house. After dinner, we decided to go Karaoke at Safra Yishun.

1st day of Lunar New Year

I am scheduled to work today. Starting work at 10am, so I can still afford to sleep abit late.

As usual custom in my family, have to greet my parents and serve them tea in the morning before getting my red packet. Glad that I manage to save some money from my 13th month bonus. So this year I gave them a slightly bigger red packet.

Since few years ago, I started to give red packets to my niece and newphew. Who say singles cannot give red packet? Bought a can of abalone for my dear sister. hee...

This year's chinese new year we had our gathering at Auntie Iris's house. After that, my two gors picked me up for a drink to meet some friends. To my surprised, also met Jas at Tabs. So excited but she was soooo high already. (Look at the pics on facebook.. hee)

I cant drink at all but tonight I guess I cannot reject people who buy me drink. I drank two shots... I was really really high.

Tonight. I had a good sleep and a really sweeeeeeeeeet dream :)